A couple of resistance band exercises explained for application at home

Now when Gyms are closed, we need to be creative at home to stay fit. I love home workout. You can do a lot of exercises using a simple resistance band. What I really found useful is a resistance band tool with handles. In this blog post, I will describe exercises for the majority of the muscle groups followed by images filmed in my room. These exercises you can easily do at home and you don’t need much space. You only need a resistance band with handle. Take a look at the image below.

Let’s begin.

  1. Name of the movement: Resistance band bicep curls. Muscles engaged: Bicep, forearm.

Grab both handles firmly. Adjust the position of your feet creating just enough tension. Then just like executing dumbbell curls, curl your arms up using the band.

Position of the feet:

2. Name of the movement: Resistance band tricep extensions. Muscles engaged: Tricep.

Tricep extensions are a very useful isolation exercise for tricep. Step down on the band creating just enough tension. Your back needs to be straight. You are in control and not a band. Extend your arm all the way. If you need to loosen up the tension to get the proper form and execute the movement until the end.

Position of the feet:

3. Name of the movement: Resistance band one-arm shoulder press. Muscles engaged: Shoulder.

This exercise is self-explanatory. Keep your back always straight and tall while executing the movement because the resistance band can easily misalign your form.

Position of the feet:

4. Name of the movement: Resistance band side raises. Muscles engaged: Shoulder.

Grab both handles firmly and step with one foot on the band as per the image below. The tension needs to be just sufficient to feel the tension in your shoulder. Reps and sets will depend on your goals.

Position of the feet:

5. Name of the movement: Resistance band chest flies. Muscles engaged: Chest.

This is a classic chest fly exercise. If you need to you can adjust the strap but again the goal is to feel the tension of your chest muscles. Focus on chest muscles and how they contract.

6. Name of the movement: Resistance band one-arm rowing. Muscles engaged: Back.

This exercise is an excellent choice for your back muscles. Remember to keep your back alignment straight when executing the move. Step with only one foot on the resistance band.

7. Name of the movement: Resistance band one-arm front raises. Muscles engaged: Shoulder.

Grab a handle with one arm and lift up your arm in front of you up until the height of your shoulder. Feel the tension in your front part of the shoulder.

Position of the feet:

I didn’t include the squats with the band because I have a very-low flexible resistance band. Moreover squat is a tricky exercise as you need to have a proper form and as I have said above, if you are not careful, the band can easily misalign your form.

My tip: Do bodyweight squats. You are very unlikely to injure yourself and you can control your form all the time. Remember: first train for the proper form and then for the load.

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