Myofascial slings and their benefits to you

Myofascial Slings are functional components of the musculoskeletal and connective tissue systems. If we think of our torso as a core cylinder, there are multiple slings that wrap around the cylinder in different orientations. The torso (cylinder) depends on strength and balance from the slings to provide a stable foundation for effective movement.

Benefits from integrating exercises that activate the myofascial slings in workouts:

  • Improved quality of movement
  • Improved symmetry
  • Improved sports/exercise performance
  • Decreased possibility for injury
  • In case of pain from overreaching and/or muscle imbalances: The effect of pain can be eliminated by reducing the burden of overload on overworked muscles in the chain.

Here are some video exercise examples.

Anterior Oblique Sling – Provides stability during the stance phase of gait, also contributes to the pulling through of the leg during gait. Important in creating stability for acceleration, deceleration, and change of direction.

Posterior Oblique Sling – Assists in the anti-rotation of the pelvis during gait. Acts as an energy store “spring-like effect” to create more efficient movement during gait.
Deep Longitudinal Sling – Dominant in control of ground reaction forces during gait. Mechanism of propulsion during lower-intensity walking and proprioceptive mechanism giving feedback about ground reaction forces during gait.

Lateral Sling – It provides lateral stability. Often used to create stability in the pelvis during walking, stepping, etc.

I hope this article educated you on amazing applications of myofascial slings. Until the next writing.


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